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Fig. 8

From: Mineralogy and noble gas isotopes of micrometeorites collected from Antarctic snow

Fig. 8

Back scattered electron (BSE) images of the cross sections of the moderately heated micrometeorites (MMs) investigated in this study. a D10IB020 has a texture similar to a cryptocrystalline chondrule. The fern-like texture is composed of olivine (brighter) and glass (darker). The patchy areas indicated by dotted ellipsoids consist of high-Ca pyroxene, olivine, and glass. b D10IB049 is composed of low-Ca pyroxene. Fine-grained materials attached on its original surface (indicated by arrows) consist of olivine, magnetite, and pyrrhotite. c An enlarged image of D10IB130, composed of single a olivine crystal showing arrays of ~1-μm holes and some discrete 3–5-μm holes

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