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Table 1 Two contrastive models of sub-seafloor 1-D conductivity structures. The seawater conductivity is assumed as 4 S/m

From: Numerical studies of geomagnetically induced electric field on seafloor and near coastal zones incorporated with heterogeneous conductivity distributions

  Pacific plate (PAC) model Philippine Sea plate (PHS) model
Crust 0.01 S/m 0.01 S/m
Depth 0–10 km bsf. Depth 0–10 km bsf.
Upper most mantle 0.001 S/m 0.001 S/m
Depth 10–150 km bsf. Depth 10-40km bsf.
Upper mantle 0.033 S/m 0.033 S/m
Depth >150 km bsf. Depth >40 km bsf.
  1. bsf below the seafloor