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Fig. 8

From: A possible scenario for earlier occurrence of the next Nankai earthquake due to triggering by an earthquake at Hyuga-nada, off southwest Japan

Fig. 8

Possible variations in the Nankai Trough seismic cycles due to the occurrence timing of Hyuga-nada earthquake (M w = 7.5). In each panel, the horizontal axis indicates the given occurrence timing of the Hyuga-nada earthquake in the original seismic cycle, and the vertical axis is the modified seismic cycle interval with respect to the original cycle. Values less than 100 indicate shortening of the seismic cycles. a For cycle 1 in Fig. 6. b For cycle 2 in Fig. 6. c For cycle 3 in Fig. 6. Open circles indicate hypocenters of Nankai Trough earthquakes are located off Ashizuri. Closed circles are earthquakes with hypocenters in Kumano-nada

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