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Fig. 3

From: Three-dimensional resistivity modeling of GREATEM survey data from Ontake Volcano, northwest Japan

Fig. 3

Modified from OYO Co. (2014)

Study area on Ontake Volcano. Red lines indicate survey flight lines over the western area, and blue lines indicate survey flight lines over the northern area. The thick black lines in a and the thick red lines in b indicate the north and east transmitter cables, respectively. The thick blue line in b is a straight-line approximation of the north source with the west end at x 483; y 9666; and h 1643 m, the east end at x 5238; y 11,972; and h 1775 m, and its center at x 2861; y 10,819; and h 1838 m. The yellow rectangle indicates the modeling area used for this study.

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