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Fig. 4

From: Three-dimensional resistivity modeling of GREATEM survey data from Ontake Volcano, northwest Japan

Fig. 4

After Abd Allah et al. (2013b)

Flowchart of the data processing: a is an example of a raw waveform, and b is three-component time-domain magnetic field data. Lines denote the data before (green) and after (red) motion correction. c The data after motion correction. This shows improved resolution of the magnetic fields shown in the red lines of b. d The stacking effect on the signal after the 24th stacking, and e stacking effect on the signal after the 48th stacking. f Is an example of the final noise-free signal, and g shows a one-dimensional (1D) inversion comparison of the transient field data (red circles) and the calculated, layered-model transient curve (blue line).

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