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Table 2 Overview of the processing strategies at AIUB, ASU and IfG for the production of the kinematic orbits, in what concerns the handling of the non-gravitational accelerations, as well as the ocean tidal and non-tidal gravitational accelerations

From: Gravity field models derived from Swarm GPS data

Institute Non-gravitational accelerations Non-tidal atmosphere and ocean Ocean tides
AIUB Absorbed by empirical accelerationsa None FES2004 (Lyard et al. 2006)
ASU NRLMSISE-00b (Picone et al. 2002) AOD1B (Flechtner 2011) FES2004 (Lyard et al. 2006)
IfG Absorbed by empirical accelerationsc AOD1B (Flechtner 2011) EOT11a (Savcenko and Bosch 2012)
  1. a Constant daily + 15 min piecewise constant
  2. b Considering a 6-panel macro-model geometry
  3. c Piecewise linear for each arc, ranging from 15 to 45 min