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Fig. 3

From: High-latitude ionospheric irregularities: differences between ground- and space-based GPS measurements during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm

Fig. 3

Diurnal rate of TEC (ionospheric total electron content) index (ROTI) maps derived from ground-based (first and third columns) and LEO–GPS (second and fourth columns) measurements for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (indicated as NH and SH, respectively) during March 16–20, 2015. Horizontal panels (a)–(e) from top to bottom correspond to the dates of March 16–20, 2015. Maps are constructed in corrected geomagnetic coordinates with polar view, covering 00–24 magnetic local time (MLT) and 40°–90° magnetic latitude (MLAT). In each map, magnetic noon/midnight is at the top/bottom. ROTI is shown in units of TECU/min

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