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Fig. 1

From: Evolution of the current system during solar wind pressure pulses based on aurora and magnetometer observations

Fig. 1

Magnetic field and auroral sequence of the June 14, 2005, SC event. a IMF in GSM; b solar wind dynamic pressure at WIND; c SYM-H; magnetometer data at d Narsarsuaq [65.88° MLAT, ~17 MLT, in altitude adjusted corrected geomagnetic (AACGM)] and e Fort Smith (67.44° MLAT, ~10.3 MLT); f 1-min resolution H-component data (blue) from Huancayo (0.62° MLAT, ~15 MLT) relative to Villa Remedios (−4.89° MLAT, ~15 MLT) together with 1-s data (black) from Huancayo relative to Guadalupe (−2.8° MLAT, ~15 MLT); red line keograms in the g western and h central portion of the South Pole imager FOV; and green line keograms in the i western and j central portion of the imager FOV. ko Selected snapshots of the (left) green and (right) red line data. The pink arrows highlight the major auroral brightenings during the PI and MI. The South Pole station was on the post-noon sector near 15-h MLT. The vertical line in a, b marks the dynamic pressure jump. The first and second vertical lines in panels cj are the PI and MI onset times in the post-noon sector

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