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Fig. 1

From: Seismicity controlled by resistivity structure: the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, Kyushu Island, Japan

Fig. 1

Broadband magnetotelluric (MT) and telluric observation sites with hypocenters one month after the M JMA 6.5 earthquake of 21:25 JST, April 14, 2016. The hypocenters are relocated by the manual reading of P-wave arrival times (Shimizu et al. 2016). Inset shows the location of studied area (solid rectangle), active volcanoes, plate boundary, and Median Tectonic Line (MTL). Seis. 1, Seis. 2, and Seis. 3 represent the seismicity noted in the text. The three stars represent hypocenters of events with M JMA > 6.0. The largest star represents the hypocenter of the Kumamoto earthquake (32.7552°N 130.7661°E, 12.9 km depth), which occurred at 01:25 JST, April 16, 2016

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