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Fig. 5 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 5

From: A megathrust earthquake cycle model for Northeast Japan: bridging the mismatch between geological uplift and geodetic subsidence

Fig. 5

Effects of lithospheric thickness H, depth to lower edge of periodic rupture area d, viscosity in the asthenosphere η a , and tectonic erosion rate v e with respect to Case 2 on uplift profiles in different earthquake cycle stages. a Effect of d on coseismic uplift. b Effect of d on preseismic (just before the earthquake) uplift rate. c Effect of H on preseismic uplift rate. d Effect of η a on preseismic uplift rate. e Effect of H on permanent (long-term) uplift rate. f Effect of v e on permanent uplift rate. g Geometry of plate interface and rupture area for Case 2

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