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Fig. 14

From: Rupture process of the main shock of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake with special reference to damaging ground motions: waveform inversion with empirical Green’s functions

Fig. 14

Additional inversion cases to examine the effect of the strike and dip angles. The top two panels show the fault models with two fault planes, one having a strike angle of 205° and the other having a strike angle of 232°. The former fault was extended from the hypocenter toward the northeast, for 2 km (top left) or 4 km (top right), and then connected to the fault with the strike angle of 232°. In the top-left case, the latter fault had a dip angle of 78°, consistent with the surface fault trace. In the top-right case, the latter fault had a dip angle of 72°. The bottom two panels show the corresponding final slip distributions

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