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Fig. 1

From: First report of (U–Th)/He thermochronometric data across Northeast Japan Arc: implications for the long-term inelastic deformation

Fig. 1

a Index map of the study area. Active fault traces and Quaternary volcanoes are after Nakata and Imaizumi (2002) and Committee for Catalog of Quaternary Volcanoes in Japan (1999), respectively. FT ages are from Ohira and Honda (1999), Goto (2001) and Ohtani et al. (2004). This figure was drawn by using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) (Wessel and Smith 1991) and 30 arc-second grid of the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO). b Topographic cross-sections across the study area. The cross-sections were drawn along the blue lines in (a). TTL Tanakura Tectonic Line, HTL Hatagawa Tectonic Line, QVF Quaternary volcanic front, QVRE Quaternary volcanic rear edge (lines are after Yoshida et al. 2013), KtM Kitakami Mountains, AbM Abukuma Mountains, AsM Asahi Mountains, IdM Iide Mountains, EUR Eurasian plate, PAC Pacific plate, PHS Philippine Sea plate, NAM North American plate

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