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Table 1 Site information and characteristic values of the main shock

From: Effect of the surface geology on strong ground motions due to the 2016 Central Tottori Earthquake, Japan

Site name Alias name Operator Latitude Longitude JMA intensity PGA (Gal)
Kurayoshi City Office K-NET TTR005 NIED N35.4290 E133.8253 6 lower (5.8) 1381
Togo Branch Ryuto, Yurihama Town Tottori Pref. N35.4674 E133.8962 6 lower (5.8) 565
Hawaii Branch Hisadome, Yurihama Town Tottori Pref. N35.4901 E133.8647 5 upper (5.2) 254
Hojo Branch Hashita, Hokuei Town Tottori Pref. N35.4793 E133.8217 6 lower (5.8) 275
Daiei Branch Yurashuku, Hokuei Town Tottori Pref. N35.4902 E133.7582 5 upper (5.4) 646
Takatsuji   Tottori Univ. N35.4582 E133.9169 5 upper (5.4) 391