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Table 1 Weights and sizes of the RYOFU MARU, the height of the meteorological sensors, and the specifications of the GNSS observations

From: Comparison of shipborne GNSS-derived precipitable water vapor with radiosonde in the western North Pacific and in the seas adjacent to Japan

Vessel weight and size Gross tonnage Length Breadth
  1380 t 82.0 m 13.0 m
Height of the meteorological sensors (above sea level) Barometer Thermometer Radiosonde base
  2.8 m 13.3 m 8.0 m
  Antenna Zephyr 2 (Trimble) GrAnt-G3T (JAVAD) Zephyr 2 (Trimble)
  Receiver NetR9 (Trimble) START-GS (GNSS Technologies Inc.) NetR9 (Trimble)
  Antenna height above sea level 20.7 m 13.8 m 13.8 m
  Duration 2016/10/19–2017/03/09 2017/04/25–2017/06/19   2017/06/19–2017/08/06