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Table 1 Main gravity anomalies of residual map

From: Validation of gravity data from the geopotential field model for subsurface investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (Western Africa)

Anomaly Direction/shape Location Significance
N1 NW–SE Douala Douala Sedimentary basin
N2 N–S Eseka-Bafia Swamp and sedimentary alluvia (Sanaga River)
N3 NE–SW Manyamen-Fontem Mamfe basin (southern part of Benue Trough)
N4 Circular North of Takamenda (Nigeria) Benue Trough
P1 Circular Mt Cameroon Volcanic mountain of the CVL
P2 Circular Ngambe Granitoid intrusion
P3 NE–SW East of Makak locality Iron mineralization located at the northern edge of Congo craton
P4 Successive circular trending NE–SW Kumba–Mt Oku Volcanic mountains of the CVL
P5 E–W Takamanda Granitoid intrusion