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Table 5 RMS of the residuals between observed and modeled displacements for the subsampled points

From: InSAR analysis for detecting the route of hydrothermal fluid to the surface during the 2015 phreatic eruption of Hakone Volcano, Japan

Dataset RMS (cm)
(single open crack)
RMS (cm)
(open crack and sill)
RMS (cm)
(Null Solutiona)
2015/6/18–2015/7/2 (Pair I) 0.95 0.94 1.33
2015/6/7–2015/7/5 (Pair II) 1.16b 0.92 1.73
  1. aThe RMS of the null solution corresponds to the RMS of the data themselves
  2. bThe dataset was not used for the model inversion