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Fig. 4

From: Precursory tilt changes associated with a phreatic eruption of the Hakone volcano and the corresponding source model

Fig. 4

Seismograms of broadband seismographs recorded on June 29, 2015. In the left column, the top, middle, and bottom three panels show the raw velocity seismograms recorded at KMYB, MRYS, and KOMW, respectively. The yellow lines on the horizontal components of the seismograms represent moving averages based on 1-s intervals. The integration records of the moving average of the horizontal components are shown in the right column. Since the integration records primarily consist of components with a period of 120 s or more, they are considered to represent tilt changes and are interpreted in the units on the y-axis right-hand side of the figure. The displacement components with periods shorter than 120 s are not clear and are interpreted in units on the y-axis on the left-hand side

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