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Fig. 5 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 5

From: A generating process of geomagnetic drifting field

Fig. 5

Predominance of a sectorial harmonics in poloidal field and b of n = m + 1 term in toroidal field. a Solid circle, \(\left| {S_{g,n,i}^{m} } \right|\): open circle, \(\left| {S_{A,n,i}^{m} } \right|\): open square, \(\left| {S_{B,n,i}^{m} } \right|\), b solid circle, \(\left| {T_{gu,n,i}^{m} } \right|\): solid square, \(\left| {T_{gv,n,i}^{m} } \right|\): open circle, \(\left| {T_{A,n,i}^{m} } \right|\): Open square, \(\left| {T_{B,n,i}^{m} } \right|\). \(\left| {T_{A,n,i}^{m} } \right|\) (open circle) is almost the same as \(\left| {T_{B,n,i}^{m} } \right|\) (open square)

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