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Fig. 8

From: Atmospheric Kelvin–Helmholtz billows captured by the MU radar, lidars and a fish-eye camera

Fig. 8

a A sketch of the MPL and RRM lidar beams along the north–south axis. At the altitude of 6.2 km AGL (~ 6.6 km ASL), the two instruments detected the mean altitude of the KH billows at a horizontal distance of ~ 3.1 km. b The corresponding sketch in the horizontal plane. The KH billow axis was obtained from the fish-eye camera photographs (Fig. 12). According to the wind measurements taken by the MU radar, the RRM lidar detected the same KH billows as MPL about 71–77 s later (but not at the same location along the billow axis). It is consistent with the time correction applied in Fig. 7

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