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Fig. 4

From: Tiangong-1’s accelerated self-spin before reentry

Fig. 4

Coordinate systems and 6 main parameters (Lin et al. 2016). The orientation of the \(O{X^*}{Y^*}{Z^*}\) system is fixed in the space. The \(O{X^0}{Y^0}{Z^0}\) system is the orbital coordinate system. The Oxyz system is the body-fixed system shown in Fig. 1. The Oxyz system is a system associated with the self-spin angular momentum vector \({\varvec{H}}\). The Oxyz system can be obtained from the \(O{X^*}{Y^*}{Z^*}\) system by successive rotations through angles \(\Omega , i,\psi _H, \theta _H, \varphi _H, \theta '\) and \(\varphi '\), where \(\Omega\) is the longitude of ascending node and i is the orbit inclination

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