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Table 1 Geographic coordinates and dip latitudes of the GPS receivers

From: Ionospheric irregularity behavior during the September 6–10, 2017 magnetic storm over Brazilian equatorial–low latitudes

Station Latitude Longitude Dip latitude
São Luís 02.5°S 44.3°W 04.7°S
Imperatriz 05.5°S 47.4°W 05.5°S
Petrolina 09.4°S 40.5°W 13.5°S
Ilhéus 14.8°S 39.0°W 19.1°S
Belo Horizonte 19.8°S 43.9°W 19.9°S
São José dos Campos 23.2°S 45.9°W 20.9°S