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Fig. 3

From: Recovery of the recurrence interval of Boso slow slip events in Japan

Fig. 3

a Estimated aseismic slip per 2 days on the interface between the CJP and the Philippine Sea plate for the period between June 2, 2018, and June 4, 2018, with a contour interval of 1 cm/2 days. The color shows the magnitude of slippage, while the arrows show slip vectors. The dashed lines indicate isodepth contours of the plate interface with an interval of 10 km. Blue circles indicate the hypocenters of earthquakes within 5 km from the plate interface for the corresponding period. The black rectangle shows the area where ΔCFS is calculated. The red rectangle shows the area of the moment calculation. bi Estimated aseismic slip for various periods. b June 4, 2018–June 6, 2018. c June 6, 2018–June 8, 2018. d June 8, 2018–June 10, 2018. e June 10, 2018–June 12, 2018. f June 12, 2018–June 14, 2018. g June 14, 2018–June 16, 2018. h June 16, 2018–June 18, 2018. i June 18, 2018–June 22, 2018

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