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Fig. 17

From: A comprehensive paleomagnetic study from the last Plinian eruptions of Popocatepetl volcano: absolute chronology of lavas and estimation of emplacement temperatures of PDCs

Fig. 17

Full-vector paleomagnetic dating of the Nealtican (1 k) lava flow. Upper panels: red thick curves show the variation in time of the directional (declination and inclination) and magnitude (intensity) components of the paleomagnetic field as determined from the SHA.DIF.14 k model, while blue thick horizontal lines represent the mean declination, inclination and intensity of the ancient field determined in laboratory. All curves/lines are shown with their corresponding 95% confidence intervals (thin curves/lines above and below the corresponding thick curves/line). Central panels: The corresponding probability density functions are shown as shaded peaks, together with the 95% confidence level highlighted by horizontal green lines. The combined (Dec, Inc and intensity) probability density is shown at the lower most right panel

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