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Fig. 7

From: Causes of the N–S compressional aftershocks of the E–W compressional 2008 Iwate–Miyagi Nairiku earthquake (M7.2) in the northeastern Japan arc

Fig. 7

Distribution of Vp/Vs ratios, events with N–S compression, and axes of maximum compressive stress change. Distribution of Vp/Vs at 4.5 km depth is from Okada et al. (2012). Focal mechanism solutions with N–S compression from category A events (RANS and SANS) in the depth range 3.25–6.25 km are shown. Bars represent axes of the maximum compressive stress changes (Δσ1) caused by the mainshock at 5-km depth projected to the surface (Yoshida et al. 2014b). The color of each bar represents to the magnitude of the calculated differential stress change. Only differential stress changes ≥ 5 MPa are plotted. In the title of the bottom-left scale bar, “log” means the common (base 10) logarithm and the units are MPa. The value of 0.7 on the logarithmic scale corresponds to 5 MPa and 0.9 corresponds to 8 MPa

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