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Table 1 List of samples

From: Elastic wave velocity and electrical conductivity in a brine-saturated rock and microstructure of pores

SampleDensity (g/cm3)Porosity (%)Vp(Z) (km/s)AVs(Z) (%)Measurements
AJG022.668(2)1.9(7)XCT, SEM
AJG352.631(5)2.9(7)5.07(2)3.4(4)Velocity, conductivity (wet)
AJG502.646(5)2.4(7)5.06(1)1.3(2)Velocity (dry)
AJG592.643(3)2.5(7)4.94(2)3.1(2)Velocity, conductivity (wet)
  1. The number inside brackets shows the error in the last digit
  2. The porosity was calculated by the density method
  3. AVs(Z) is calculated as \({\text{AVs}}(Z) = \frac{{\left| {{\text{Vs}}(XZ) - {\text{Vs}}(YZ)} \right|}}{{\frac{1}{2}\left[ {{\text{Vs}}(XZ) + {\text{Vs}}(YZ)} \right]}} \times 100\)