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Table 1 List of proposed calibrations

From: Water distribution in quartz schists of the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Belt, Japan: infrared spectroscopic mapping and comparison of the calibrations proposed for determining water contents

StudyEquationεint [L/mol H2O cm2]Ratio of c
Kats (1962)c = 0.812·Aint/t [ppm H/Si]55,8000.68
Aines et al. (1984)c = 1.05·Aint/t [ppm H/Si]43,1000.88
Nakashima et al. (1995)c = 84·Ah/t [wt ppm]33,200a1.15
Paterson (1982)εint eff = Aint/c·t [L/mol H2O cm2]38,000b1.00
Paterson (1982) simplifiedcεint = 150·γ·(3780 − νmean) [L/mol H cm2]38,000 (νmean = 3400, γ = 1/3)1.00
Libowitzky and Rossman (1997)εint = 246.6·γ·(3753 − νmean) [L/mol H2O cm2]29,000 (νmean = 3400, γ = 1/3)1.31
Stipp et al. (2006)c = 100·M·Aint/(t·ρ·εint) [wt% H2O]24,1001.58
Thomas et al. (2009)c = Aint/εint·t [wt% H2O]89,0000.43
  1. The equations given are the originals from each paper. The unit referred to on the left side of each equation is given in brackets
  2. aThe absorption coefficient of Nakashima et al. (1995) using band heights was converted to a coefficient for integral absorbance using Eq. (4)
  3. bThe water content c was determined using Eq. (5)
  4. cThis follows the method of Libowitzky and Rossman (1997) and was used for the IR mapping data. See the text for further details