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Table 1 Properties of the used water-saturated porous materials

From: Numerical simulations to explain the coseismic electromagnetic signals: a case study for a M5.4 aftershock of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

Porosity ϕ (%)1545
Solid density ρs (103 kg/m3)2.752.7
Static permeability k0 (10−12 m2)1.010.0
Solid bulk modulus Ks (GPa)60.08.0
Frame bulk modulus Kfr (GPa)34.05.0
Shear modulus G (GPa)22.02.5
Fluid viscosity η (10−3 Pa s)0.20.4
Salinity C0 (10−3 mol/L)52
Tortuosity α21.5
Bulk conductivity σ (S/m)0.0420.017
Fast P wave quality factor Qpf320160
S wave quality factor Qs240120
  1. Parameters such as fluid density ρf = 1.0 × 103 kg/m3, fluid bulk modulus Kf = 2.2 GPa, fluid permittivity κf = 80 and solid permittivity κs = 4 are used for all water-saturated porous materials