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Table 1 Results of interview survey for coseismic change of the 2011 Iwaki earthquake and measurement and analysis results for hot spring water around the Iwaki area

From: Deep groundwater discharge after the 2011 Mw 6.6 Iwaki earthquake, Japan

No.LocationVisit dateCoseismic change at Iwaki Eq.Temp. (°C)HCO3 (mg/L)Cl (mg/L)SO42− (mg/L)δ18O (‰)
1Uchigo-takasakamachi1 (A)28 Apr. 2011Discharge26.926788.9475− 7.7
2Uchigo-takasakamachi219 Jun. 2014Discharge27.822987.8508− 7.8
3Mimayamachi22 Jun. 2011Discharge25.631176.8527− 7.6
4Izumi-tamatsuyu (B)18 May 2011Discharge56.1190136051.9− 6.9
5Yumoto28 Apr. 2011Water level increase58.3107702377− 7.4
6Onahama28 Apr. 2011Water level increase14.0312216239− 7.4
7Uchigo-kouyamachi28 Apr. 2011Water level increase15.81893.512.9− 8.1
8Kawabemachi20 Apr. 2011Water level decrease10.62234.419.5− 7.6
9Furudonomachi18 May 2011Water level decrease10.812720.512.4− 9.9
10Nakosomachi20 Apr. 2011No change12.354.912.514.6− 7.6
11Joban-shiratorimachi6 Jun. 2011No change31.60.064.5169− 7.5
12Toonomachi-taki6 Jun. 2011No change17.91306.052.3− 7.6
13Toonomachi-oodaira20 Apr. 2011No change
14Taira-yoshinoya22 Sep. 2011No change
  1. “No.” corresponds to the number in Fig. 2