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Table 2 CM6 SIVW application, where the “x” indicates the Quasi-Dipole (QD) latitude and sun position of the data type and which parameters it directly influences, and where “OHM” denotes observatory measurements, “Single”, “Diffs” and “Sums” denote single, differenced and summed measurements, respectively, “NEC” and “BP3” denote the local North-East-Center and HB-theory frame for vector data, respectively, and “F” denotes scalar

From: CM6: a comprehensive geomagnetic field model derived from both CHAMP and Swarm satellite observations

TypeQD latitudeSun positionNominalNuisance
OHM-NECxxx xxxx   
OHM-NECxxxx    xxx
Single-Fxxx xxxx   
Single-BP3xx  xxxx   
Diffs-Fxxx xxxx   
Diffs-NECxx  xxxx   
Diffs-BP3xx  xxxx   
Diffs-Fx  x    xxx
Diffs-NECx  x    xxx
Diffs-BP3x  x    xxx
Diffs-F x x  xxx  
Diffs-NEC x x  xxx  
Diffs-BP3 x x  xxx  
Diffs-F  xx  xxx  
Sums-Fxxxx    xxx
Sums-NECxx x    xxx
Sums-BP3xx x    xxx
Sums-Fxxx xx   xx
Sums-NECxx  xx   xx
Sums-BP3xx  xx   xx