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Fig. 5

From: Estimation of fault models for short-term slow slip events from groundwater pressure in soft sedimentary layers

Fig. 5Fig. 5

Groundwater level observations at HKSi before and after each of the six analyzed episodes. Barometric pressure, rainfall (bars in top plots), corrected groundwater levels after the removing of the linear trends for 8 days just before the episodes at HKSi, ANO1, and ANO2, room temperature at HKS, and tremor occurrences in Kii and Tokai (see Fig. 1) are shown. However, in the case of f, removing of the linear trend from September 17 to 25 is used because data from September 26 to 28 noon are changed by short-term SSE around ANO. Barometric pressure and rainfall are refer to left and right scales, respectively. The six episodes occurred in a July 2016, b December 2016, c May 2017, d November 2017, e April 2018, and f September 2018. Red squares indicate the duration of the episodes. Because the groundwater level data in a were affected by room temperature fluctuations, the estimated groundwater level change during the episode is indicated by horizontal blue lines

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