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Fig. 4

From: Anatomy of active volcanic edifice at the Kusatsu–Shirane volcano, Japan, by magnetotellurics: hydrothermal implications for volcanic unrests

Fig. 4

source locations for explaining the radial inflation of the edifice during the 2014 unrest (Terada et al., 2015). Two white masks with irregular shape in a denote the fumarole zone at the north of Yugama crater lake. The white line in c denotes the projection of fumarole zone F1 at 1400 m ASL

a Depth slice at 1400 m ASL. The locations for W–E and S–N profiles for sections are shown by broken lines. b W–E and c S–N sections. The seismic hypocenters are mapped as dots on each map within 200 m tolerance normal to the sections. The white, black, and gray dots denote hypocenters before, during and after the 2014 unrest, respectively. The shallow seismicity (black dots) going through the clay cap (C1) is evident during 2014 unrest. The white and black stars denote the same as in Fig. 3. The blue X denote the point pressure d The 3-D view of the three major conductors. The blue surface shows the topography. The dots denote seismicity as in (ac).

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