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Table 1 VGOS-B sessions in December 2019 through February 2020, and their simultaneously observed INT1 counterparts

From: Observing UT1-UTC with VGOS

Code Stations Comment Code Stations
B19344 Is-Oe-Ow   I19344 Mk-Wz
B19351 Is-Oe-Ow   I19351 Kk-Wz
B19357 Is-Oe-Ow   I19357 Kk-Wz
B19364 Is-Oe-Ow   I19364 Kk-Wz
B20007 Is-Oe-Ow (Is-data: only VGOS band-A) I20007 Kk-Wz
B20013 Is-Oe-Ow   I20013 Kk-Wz
B20023 Is-Oe-Ow   I20023 Kk-Wz-Sv
B20027 Is-Oe-Ow   I20027 Kk-Wz
B20037 Is-Oe-Ow   I20037 Kk-Wz-Sv
B20044 Is-Oe-Ow (Is-data: only H-polarization) I20044 Kk-Wz
B20048 Is-Oe-Ow (Is-data: only H-polarization) I20048 Mk-Wz
B20055 Is-Oe-Ow (Is-data: only H-polarization) I20055 Kk-Wz
  1. The stations are ISHIOKA (Is), ONSA13NE (Oe), ONSA13SW (Ow), KOKEE (Kk), WETTZELL (Wz), SVETLOE (Sv) and MK-VLBA (Mk). The VGOS-B baseline with the longest extension in the XY-plane, and thus most sensitive for the determination of UT1-UTC, is Is-Ow with about 7773 km. The INT1-baselines with the longest extension in the XY-plane are Mk-Wz with about 10,136 km and Kk-Wz with about 10,072 km