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Table 3 Parameters used in the computation of Moho and LAB depth

From: A local lithospheric structure model for Vietnam derived from a high-resolution gravimetric geoid

Parameter Symbol Value
Upper crustal density \({\rho }_{c}^{T}\) 2700 kg/m3
Lower crustal density \({\rho }_{c}^{B}\) 2900 kg/m3
Seawater density \({\rho }_{w}\) 1030 kg/m3
Asthenosphere density ρa 3200 kg/m3
Compensation level depth zmax 300 km
Moho depth of the reference column zcREF 28.5 km
LAB depth of the reference column zLREF 129 km
Crustal surface heat production Hs \(2.5 {10}^{-6} \mathrm{exp}(-(z+E)/15000)\mathrm{ W}{/\mathrm{m}}^{3}\)
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion α 3.5 10–5 K−1
Crustal thermal conductivity kc 2.5 W m−1 K−1
Mantle thermal conductivity km 3.2 W m−1 K−1
Surface temperature Ts 15 °C
Temperature at the LAB Ta 1350 °C