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Table 1 Symbols and employed values for the model constants (revised from Kirby and Swain 2008)

From: Estimating the lithospheric flexure of a plate with non-uniform flexural rigidity: a quantitative modelling approach

Constant Symbol Value Units
Young’s modulus E 100 GPa
gravitational constant
\(\varsigma\) 6.67259 × 10–11 m3 kg–1 s–2
Poisson’s ratio \(\sigma\) 0.25  
Acceleration due to
g 9.80 m s–2
Mean Moho depth zm 40 km
Mean LAI depth zF 120 km
Crustal density ρc 2750 kg m–3
Mantle density ρm 3200 kg m–3
Mantle density
ρF 3400 kg m–3