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Table 2 Rock properties (rock grain density ρr, thermal conductivity \(\stackrel{\sim }{\lambda }\), thermal capacity C), and parameters of the elastic medium (volumetric thermal expansion coefficient αT, solid bulk modulus Ks, and Poisson’s ratio ν)

From: Influence of permeability on the hydrothermal system at Vulcano Island (Italy): inferences from numerical simulations

Rock grain density ρr [kg m−3] 2000
Thermal conductivity \(\stackrel{\sim }{\lambda }\) [W m−1 K−1] 1.15
Thermal capacity C [kJ kg−1 K−1] 1
Volumetric thermal expansion αT [K−1] 10–5
Solid bulk modulus Ks [GPa] 30
Poisson’s ratio ν 0.3