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Table 1 Characteristics of the followed transmitters, ordered by frequency increase

From: Role of hard X-ray emission in ionospheric D-layer disturbances during solar flares

Station Freq. (kHz) Distance (km) Angle \(\left( ^\circ \right)\) SR location
GQD 19.58 777 330.9 51N01E
ICV 20.28 1057 146.1 45N06E
GVT 22.10 746 331.9 51N00E
NAA 24.00 5132 265.0 51N15W
NRK 37.50 2234 318.2 56N07W
NSY 45.90 1632 142.7 43N08E
  1. The first two columns give the station name and the transmission frequency, the third column indicates the distance to Meudon along a Great Circle Path, the fourth column gives the azimuth angle of the transmitter to Meudon. The fifth column indicates the location of the sub-reflection (SR) area