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Fig. 5.

From: Sublimation temperature of circumstellar dust particles and its importance for dust ring formation

Fig. 5.

The spectral density distribution of the disk around Vega. The solid line indicates the flux density from a disk with the sublimation ring, choosing τ0 = 8 × 10−3 to fit the observational data at 2.1 μ m. Dotted lines represent that without a sublimation ring (fτ = 1 resulting in τe = 0) for τ0 = 1 × 10−2. To check the asub dependence, we set ain = 0.6asub for τ0 = 4 × 10−4 in the case without the sublimation ring (dashed lines). Circle corresponds to the interferometric measurement by Absil et al. (2006) and diamonds indicate the photometric data (Absil et al., 2006 and reference therein).

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