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Table 1. Summary of disturbance signatures.

From: Ionospheric multiple stratifications and irregularities induced by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

Station Distance (km) Time*
1500 1515 1530 1545 1600 1615 1630
Kokubunji 440 Irreg.
Wakkanai 870 Cusp Cusp Cusp Cusp Wavy Wavy Wavy
Yamagawa 1410 Cusp Wavy Cusp Wavy
Okinawa 1910 Wavy Wavy Cusp
  1. *;The actual observation times are shifted depending on the station, see the text for details.
  2. “Irreg.”, “Cusp”, and “Wav y” stand for irregular distortion of the trace, steep cusp signature, and consecutive weak cusp signature in the ionogram.