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Table 3. The Swarm Level-2 products.

From: The Swarm Satellite Constellation Application and Research Facility (SCARF) and Swarm data products

Science Objective Name Format Description
(needed for Level-1b processing) MSW_EUL_2_ ASCII Time series of Euler angles describing transformation from STR-CRF to VFM frame for all three Swarm satellites (3 × 3 Euler angles)
Core field MCO_SHA_2_ ASCII Spherical harmonic model of the core field and its temporal variation
Lithospheric field MLI_SHA_2_ ASCII Spherical harmonic model of the lithospheric field
Electrical conductivity of the mantle MIN_1DM_2_ ASCII 1D model of mantle conductivity
  MIN_3DM_2_ ASCII 3D model of mantle conductivity
  MCR_1DM_2_ ASCII 1D C-responses
  MCR_3DM_2_ ASCII 3D C-response maps
External current systems MMA_SHA_2_ CDF Spherical harmonic model of the large-scale magnetospheric field and its Earth-induced counterpart
  MIO_SHA_2_ ASCII Spherical harmonic model of the daily geomagnetic variation at middle latitudes (Sq) and low latitudes (EEJ)
Precise Orbit Determination (POD) SP3xCOM_2_ SP3 Time series of position and velocity of the center of mass for satellite x (x = A, BorC)
  ACCxCAL_2_ CDF Accelerometer calibration parameters for satellite x
  ACCxPOD_2_ CDF Time series of non-gravitational accelerations estimated for satellite x
Magnetic Forcing of the Upper Atmosphere ACCx_AE 2_ CDF Time series of calibrated and pre-processed accelerometer observations and of aerodynamic accelerations for satellite x
  DNSxWND_2_ CDF Time series of neutral thermospheric density and wind speed for satellite x
Earth environment and Space-Weather (Cat-2 products) IBIxTMS_2F CDF Ionospheric bubble index for satellite x
  TECxTMS_2F CDF Time series of the ionospheric total electron content for satellite x
  FAC_TMS_2F CDF Time series of field-aligned currents determined from combination of Swarm A and Swarm B
  FACxTMS_2F CDF Time series of field-aligned currents (single-satellite solution) for satellite x
  EEFxTMS_2F CDF Equatorial Electric Field for satellite x