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Table 4

From: The Swarm Satellite Constellation Application and Research Facility (SCARF) and Swarm data products

ASM Absolute Scalar Magnetometer (instrument)
CDF Common Data Format (Goucher and Mathews, 1994)
CI Comprehensive Inversion
CRF Common Reference Frame (of Star Tracker)
DI Dedicated Inversion
EFI Electric Field Instrument (LP and TII)
FAC Field-Aligned Currents
GPS Global Position System (Receiver)
ITRF International Terrestrial Reference Frame
LP Langmuir Probe (instrument)
NEC North, East, Center coordinate frame
MOD Medium Precise Orbit Determination
POD Precise Orbit Determination
PDGS Payload Data Ground Segment
RINEX Receiver Independent Exchange Format (Gurtner and Estery, 2007)
SP3 National Geodetic Survey Standard GPS Format (Hilla, 2007)
STR Star Tracker (instrument)
TEC Total Electron Content of ionosphere
TII Thermal Ion Imager (instrument)
VFM Vector Field Magnetometer (instrument)