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An imaging of buried anomalies, using multi-sheet inversion


The objective of this paper is to construct a stable inversion scheme to determine the conductance of a buried inhomogeneous layer masked by sedimentary cover. We employ a model which incorporates a surface sheet of conductance S1 (x, y) and a buried sheet of conductance S2 (x, y). The buried sheet is embedded at a depth d in a layered earth of conductivity σ(z). The σ(z), d and S1 (x, y) are assumed to be known. We determine S2(x, y) by inverting the monochromatic horizontal electromagnetic (EM) field measured at the earth’s surface. To do this, we use Price’s matching conditions at the sheets and a stable continuation of EM field from the earth’s surface onto the buried sheet. Employing synthetic data we demonstrate that the designed inversion scheme generates a reasonable image of the buried structure. The scheme is fast, since it doesn’t require any forward modelling.


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