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Some results of comparison between the lower thermosphere zonal winds as seen by the ground-based radars and WINDII on UARS

Earth, Planets and Space201451:BF03353228

  • Received: 14 July 1998
  • Accepted: 8 February 1999
  • Published:


The seasonal variations of the zonal winds measured by meteor/MF radars and by the wind-imaging interferometer (WINDII) on board of the UARS satellite, are analyzed and compared with the ground-based Global Empirical Wind Model (GEWM) and satellite-based WINDII prevailing wind model, which are independently derived from the observational data sets. A general consistency in the main global scale wind structures is observed. The seasonal variations of zonal wind in the both models are described by almost the same annual and semi-annual components. But systematic bias is found for the annual mean zonal winds of the two models, with the GEWM winds generally smaller than those of WINDII by factor 2–2.5. This bias is practically independent of altitude and can be described by a term of A cos 4x, where A is about 20 m/s and x is colatitude. Possible origin of this offset is discussed.


  • Radar
  • Zonal Wind
  • Middle Atmosphere
  • Wind Model
  • Wind Measurement