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Fig. 3

From: Rock magnetic characterization of ferrimagnetic iron sulfides in gas hydrate-bearing marine sediments at Site C0008, Nankai Trough, Pacific Ocean, off-coast Japan

Fig. 3

χ versus IRM0.9/χ diagram. Type 1 (low χ and low IRM0.9/χ) is mainly dominated by (Ti)-magnetite but can be a mixture of iron oxides and ferrimagnetic iron sulfides. Type 2 (high χ and low IRM0.9/χ) corresponds to samples containing mainly iron oxides (magnetite, titanomagnetite). Type 3 (low χ and high IRM0.9/χ) corresponds to samples containing mainly ferrimagnetic iron sulfides (greigite and pyrrhotite). The sample types are defined according to Larrasoaña et al. (2007). Data from Hole C0008A are from this study; data from Hole C0008C are from Kars and Kodama (2015)

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