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Fig. 8

From: Paleomagnetic direction and paleointensity variations during the Matuyama–Brunhes polarity transition from a marine succession in the Chiba composite section of the Boso Peninsula, central Japan

Fig. 8

High-resolution oxygen isotope stratigraphy from the Yoro-Tabuchi and Yoro-River sections and the age model. VPDB Vienna Pee Dee Belemnite, MIS marine isotope stage. The oxygen isotope data are combined with those of Suganuma et al. (2015) and visually tuned to the eustatic sea level change of Elderfield et al. (2012) based on the Byk-E tephra (red) and major oxygen isotope features. The Matuyama–Brunhes (M–B) boundary age is assigned as 771.7 ka based on this age model. The thickness scale used in Suganuma et al. (2015) was slightly modified to plot the data in Fig. 8 to adjust into the newly measured thickness scale of the Yoro-River section. The thickness of the top horizon down to the Ku2 bed was estimated by an extrapolation using the top thickness in the Kokusabata section multiplied by the ratio of thickness between the Byk-E and Ku2 beds in the Yoro-River and Kokusabata sections

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