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Table 3 Parameters calculated from detected limb points in each wavelength

From: Overview of Akatsuki data products: definition of data levels, method and accuracy of geometric correction

Case Instrument Wavelength (μm) Day/night \(\bar{a}\) \(\hat{a}\) \(\sigma\)
L ir1 0.97 Night − 4.82E−11 8.82E−11 8.22E−01
ir1 0.9 Day − 1.23E−11 1.98E−11 4.29E−02
ir1 0.9 Night − 4.35E−11 8.05E−11 9.51E−01
ir1 1.01 Night 4.46E−12 4.03E−11 3.04E−01
ir2 1.74 Night − 9.22E−12 2.94E−11 1.62E−01
ir2 2.02 Day − 3.12E−12 2.29E−11 8.56E−02
ir2 2.26 Night − 8.83E−11 1.15E−10 3.51E−01
ir2 2.32 Night − 9.06E−11 9.38E−11 3.84E−01
lir   Both − 1.68E−13 6.11E−14 8.32E−02
uvi 0.283 Day 1.41E−12 4.72E−12 2.94E−02
uvi 0.365 Day 1.44E−12 5.06E−12 3.63E−02
S ir1 0.9 Day 4.27E−12 3.93E−12 4.13E−02
ir2 1.74 Night − 2.03E−11 6.07E−11 1.73E−01
ir2 2.02 Day 4.06E−13 8.25E−12 4.62E−02
ir2 2.26 Night − 5.20E−11 1.17E−10 2.50E−01
ir2 2.32 Night − 2.10E−11 1.07E−10 3.27E−01
lir   Both − 1.32E−13 3.48E−14 5.45E−02
uvi 0.283 Day 1.32E−12 6.20E−12 2.97E−02
uvi 0.365 Day − 5.36E−14 7.62E−12 4.53E−02
  1. The average \(\bar{a}\) and standard deviation \(\hat{a}\) in coefficient a, and the standard deviation σ in residuals from Eq. (4). Coefficient a and residuals from Eq. (4) are derived by fitting Eq. (4) to radial residuals of limb points detected in images listed in Additional file 1 from the ellipses. Cases L and S mean the cases where the distance between the spacecraft and the Venus center is shorter than 1.6 × 104 km and longer than 3.5 × 104 km, respectively