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Fig. 10

From: Correction to: Which is heterogeneous, stress or strength? An estimation from high-density seismic observations

Fig. 10

a Plots of the normalized shear and normal stresses on faults on a three-dimensional Mohr diagram for a grid point (x = 10, y = 9, z = − 2). Pore pressure indicators Pp are calculated as Pp = σn − τ/μ, where μ is assumed as 0.6. Sizes of circles represent the difference of misfits between the fault plane and auxiliary plane (misfitdiff); coloring indicates only data with misfits on the fault plane greater than the error of focal mechanisms, 10°. b Histogram of misfits. c Relationship between azimuths and dip angles of the fault planes. Misfits are also indicated by the sizes and colors of circles. d Relationship between magnitude and misfit. e Histogram of the pore pressure indicator, Pp

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