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Fig. 9 | Earth, Planets and Space

Fig. 9

From: Wavelet-based verification of a relative paleointensity record from the North Pacific

Fig. 9

Comparison between global RPI stacks (upper) and local RPI records from the North Pacific (lower). The global stacks are PISO-1500 (dark blue), SINT-2000 (black) of Valet et al. (2005), and PADM2M (magenta) of Ziegler et al. (2011). The local records are NGC65 (orange) and NGC69 (green) of Yamazaki (1999) and KR0310-PC1 (red) of Yamazaki and Kanamatsu (2007). The record of the studied core NPGP1401-2A is shown in blue

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