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Table 1 Information that is included in the prior model for four different inversions

From: Quality over quantity: on workflow and model space exploration of 3D inversion of MT data

Bath and seds410 km660 kmOverall RMS10–100s RMS100–1000s RMS1000–10,000s RMSNo. of iterations
\(\checkmark \)1.982.281.821.66152
\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)1.812.111.661.51182
\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)1.712.021.551.43181
  1. Bath and seds includes sea water with resistivity of 0.3 \(\Omega \)m and linearly increasing resistivity to a depth 2 km beneath the ocean bottom where it reaches the half-space resistivity. The 410 km prior model has resistivity decreased to 10 \(\Omega \)m beneath the 410 km seismic discontinuity. The 660 km prior model has resistivity of 10 \(\Omega \)m beneath 410 km and 1 \(\Omega \)m beneath 660 km. Each model had a starting RMS of 47.5