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Table 1 Location of \(P_\text{c}\), the area for calculating GFs and the subduction direction in the Nankai Trough and the Japan Trench subduction zone, respectively

From: High-fidelity elastic Green’s functions for subduction zone models consistent with the global standard geodetic reference system

   Region for GFs  
  \(P_{\text{c}}\) Southwest–northeast edge Subduction
  (Long.(\(^{\circ}\)), Lat.(\(^{\circ}\)), ellipsoidal height(m)) (Long.(\(^{\circ}\)), Lat.(\(^{\circ}\))) Direction
Nankai Trough (135, 33.5, 0) (131, 31)–(139, 35.5) N55\(^{\circ}\)W
Japan Trench (142.369, 38.322, 0) (140.5, 36)–(145, 41) N68.5\(^{\circ}\)W
  1. The subduction directions are set based on Heki and Miyazaki (2001) for the Nankai Trough and (Sella et al. 2002) for the Japan Trench, respectively