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Excellent reviewers

It is essential for an academic journal to have qualified reviewers to maintain its scientific standard. To recognise the contributions of important reviewers in Earth, Planets and Space, we have granted the 'Excellent Reviewer' award to selected reviewers each year since 2013. The awardees are determined at the end of each year by the EPS editorial board based on the recommendations of regular and guest editors.


Calum Chamberlain

Naoji Koizumi

Andrea Llenos

Makiko Nagasawa

Nobuo Takai

Takahiko Uchide


Duncan Agnew

Hagay Amit

Colin Farquharson 

Chris Meek

Michihiko Nakamura

Keiichi Ogasawara

Dmitri Rouwet

Aleksey Smirnov

Krzysztof Sośnica

Kazue Takahashi

Yoichi Usui


Sanjay Singh Bora

Ricardo Hueso

Masashi Kamogawa

Benjamin Männel 

Shinako Noguchi

Jolene S. Pickett 

Dmitri Rouwet 

Chih-Ping Wang 

Yohei Yukutake


Raphael Grandin

Masaki Ogawa

Agnes Reyes

Thomas Rockwell

Gillian Turner

Nathan R. Williams


Ciaran Beggan

John R. Booker

Ake Fagereng

Takumi Hayashida

Torsten Henkel

Richard Holme

Mike Jackson

Laurianne Palin

Julie Roberge

Andrew P. Roberts

Akihiko Tomiya


Goetz Bokelmann

Ingrid Cnossen

Jan Dousa

Glenn A. Gaetani

Larisa Gonchalenko

Kensuke Nakajima

Tomoki Nakamura

Tyler D. Robinson

Florent Szitkar

Akira Tsuchiyama

Seiji Zenitani


Hagay Amit

Yosuke Aoki

Ryota Hino

Haruo Horikawa

Yasuhiro Minamoto

Christopher Newhall

Hiroyo Ohya

Greig A. Paterson

Karly Pitman

Michael Poland

Hisashi Suito

Takao Tabei

Yoshimasa Tanaka

Vivian U

Earle Williams

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